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本文摘要:After using the start of its annual I/O developer conference to unveil new Android products for the car and the wrist, Google turned its attention to the living继在年度I/O开发者大会开场时公布新款Android汽车和可穿着设备后,现在又将注意力改向了人们的客厅。

After using the start of its annual I/O developer conference to unveil new Android products for the car and the wrist, Google turned its attention to the living继在年度I/O开发者大会开场时公布新款Android汽车和可穿着设备后,现在又将注意力改向了人们的客厅。Part of a string of new product announcements from Google on Wednesday, the company revealed Android TV software, which will run on smart TVs and stream movies, television and games. Users will be able to control the Android operating system and stream content using their smartphone, or they can use an Android Wear smart watch – one of the products Google announced earlier in the day.上周三,谷歌公布了一系列新产品,其中还包括能在智能电视和流媒体电影、电视和游戏上运营的Android电视软件。

用户能用智能手机或Android Wear智能手表,掌控Android操作系统,传输内容。Android Wear也是谷歌当天公布的一款新品。

Available this fall, Android TV also weaves in the search power of Google as well as voice recognition, meaning users will be able to ask questions out loud to their smartphone or wearable device in order to search for information or content they can stream to a smart TV, or through other devices.将于今年秋季上市的Android电视还重新加入了谷歌的搜寻功能以及语音辨识,意味著用户将能用语音向智能手机或便携设备发问,从而搜寻能传输到智能电视或其它设备上的信息或内容。This was one announcement that swerved from expectations leading up to the conference, as manypreliminary reports suggested Google would be releasing a television set-top box to challenge competitors in that market such as Apple TV and Amazon’s new Fire TV. Other reports successfully predicted Google’s entry into the wearable devices market with the release of its Android Wear technology, as well as the search giant’s commitment to health and fitness tracking through its Google Fit platform.Android电视的公布有些出人意料。


此前,许多初期报告称之为,谷歌将发售电视机顶盒产品,以挑战苹果(Apple)电视和亚马逊(Amazon)新款Fire电视等竞争产品。另一些报告顺利预测了谷歌公布Android Wear进占可穿着设备市场、发售Google Fit平台探讨身体健康和健美追踪的动向。The company said Wednesday that Google Fit will allow Android users to track their fitness goals using health sensors while also allowing various apps and devices to sync and share data with the platform. The product is a challenge to the similar health and fitness tracking software Apple announced at its own developer conference earlier this month, the Apple Health Kit and the Health app.谷歌上周三回应,通过Google Fit,Android用户能利用身体健康传感器追踪自身健美目标;同时,Google Fit平台还能与多款应用于和设备实时和分享数据。本月早些时候,苹果在自己的开发者大会上公布了类似于的身体健康和健美追踪软件——Apple Health Kit以及 Health应用于。

似乎,Google Fit将叫板苹果的产品。









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